I'm putting together The Black Glove Magazine issue #18 for end of December and offer to add any new release or publishing news you'd like to have posted in our Fresh Blood section.  If you're interested, please be sure to include the release info, any links and artwork you'd like us to use for the post.  If you're confused by what I mean, see that section in our previous issues and it should be fairly clear.
If it's not, and you still would like to have your news posted in this upcoming e-issue, feel free to send me an email for details/explanations.

[email protected]

And as always, The Black Glove is free to read every month, and ad-free.  Our content goes internationally viral every month.  In fact, several of our recent articles and columns have even been 'borrowed' by Fangoria.com and other high profile internet horror related sites. 

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