Hello. Name's Aaron and I'm currently editing a dark speculative fiction horror anthology about Satyrs. It offers a sliding payscale with one pro-payment slot, which has been given to New York Times Bestselling author David Farland/Dave Wolverton. Dave will have a brand new satyr story in the book. All other writers whose stories are accepted will receive a contributor's copy, and three or four of my favorite pieces will be awarded an additional $25. If you're a writer who's interested in submitting, but only if you are paid for your story, I am willing to look at and consider stories solely for the $25 slots, provided you are somewhat established. Just let me know or query me first. Once the book is released I'll be running an ad for it in Dark Discoveries Magazine and sending out review copies, an Ellen Datlow copy, and so forth.

The first book I edited, MONK PUNK, has been called "a benchmark in genre fiction" by Morpheus Tales, and has received great reviews from Hellnotes, the Future Fire, and Ginger Nuts of Horror. My second book, THE SHADOW OF THE UNKNOWN, a mashup of Lovecraftian Mythos tales and quantum physics ideas, features stories by several HWA members, including Gary A. Braunbeck, Gene O'Neill, and P.S. Gifford.   

Here is the link to D.L. Snell's Market Scoop of the SONGS OF THE SATYRS anthology http://www.dlsnell.com/2011/07/aj-frenchs-satyrs-antho.html And here is the subs email address: [email protected] Thanks for taking a look! 

A. J. French