A fantastic new collection from Shadow Publishing. 


Shadow Publishing, May 2016

ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-9572962-4-4. £9.99 



“In the best tradition of pulp fiction, Edmund Glasby’s storytelling is fast-paced, fantastical, escapist and with a large dollop of Grand Guignol horror”. Eleven deathly tales of shapeshifters, vampires, hybrid creatures, ghouls, zombies, hauntings and mad scientists!


“A clever melting pot, cooking some classical ingredients of horror fiction - the supernatural sleuth, the haunted house, exorcism... and a priest holding a séance!” (Hour of the Witch)


“A vivid piece of graphic horror, revisiting in an effective and quite original way, the time honoured theme of the mad scientist” (Pale Lilac)


“An offbeat mix of crime and pulp fiction, sparkling like a glass of champagne” (Angels of Death)


A new collection that signifies the emergence of a major talent in horror fantasy writing!

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"Moorcroft felt suddenly ill. A twin set of red, glowing eyes stared back at him. He caught a fragmentary glimpse of a hook-nosed face; grey-white and terribly wrinkled, framed by a long, ragged, black-feathered headdress, with slavering, pointed teeth in a caricature of a human mouth and rotting strips of beadwork and wampum-bedecked garments that clung grotesquely around an emaciated body. In one hand it held what looked like a tomahawk. He took a step away from the window, gasping for air, choking back the scream that rose unbidden to his lips. Then, unable to stop himself, he turned and ran shrieking out of his room". From The Black Spirit of the Storm