Hi Shockliners! I'm running a Kickstarter Campaign to launch and get signed copies of my new novel Redemption out to horror fans in January... so I wanted to post about it here, since this board was where my first novels garnered a lot of support back in the day. Please take a look at the Kickstarter here:


Back in 2008-09, Leisure Books reprinted my first two Delirium Books novels, Covenant and Sacrifice, and I was talking about writing the sequel when Leisure collapsed in 2010.  47North ultimately absorbed my earlier books along with much of the rest of the Leisure catalog, but they weren't terribly receptive to continuing the series, and it didn't seem right to try to write it for Samhain, where I published my last four books.  But, I've always wanted to do it anyway, and with the decline of Samhain, I finally returned to working on the "trilogy" last year, even though I was pretty sure 47North would pass on it.

I finished the novel, Redemption, this summer. It's my largest novel to date, and hopefully will please fans of Covenant and Sacrifice.  As expected, 47North said they're "not so keen on horror these days" as they were when they bought Leisure's catalog, so I decided this fall to put it out on my own Dark Arts Books. This way, at least, I can try to coordinate promotions between the three books. Plus I wanted to make sure the cover matched the first two books as closely as possible, so the books feel like they go together. I'm pretty happy with how that worked out:


Anyway... I hope you'll check out the Kickstarter, maybe even help me spread the word about it... and ultimately, give Redemption a read!